How will our growth programs help you?

We offer a diverse range of collaborative and educational programs to inspire personal growth, community wellbeing and global awareness. 

Our network of community partners all contribute to this collective of diverse knowledge and education.

The educational programs will teach you a plethora of new skills including the art of storytelling, how to grow your own food, how to become a community leader and different ways to invest your time into future making.

Strengthen your ability to create positive change in the world by enrolling in one of our growth programs today.

Learn to lead from the heart, create positive
impact in world, challenge the mainstream
narrative and live your true purpose while being supported by a strong community.

The Shambhala Growing program is a 12-week
food growing course that will teach you how to
grow organic and seasonal produce in your own
back yard all year round.

This unique 12-month storytelling program is designed to empower you with the skills and confidence to become an intentional Storyteller in your life, your projects and your workplace. Through our guidance at YARN Australia, you will be provided with a personalised experience; developing skills and understanding for how to build trust, connection, understanding, and respect with all peoples.
The Spring Into Scavenge program invites anyone, in any corner of the world, to develop their personal leadership skills in project management, volunteer organisation and community activation through hosting their own Scavenge event in September, October or November 2021. Applications open April 2021.