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(pronounced.) re-jen

(abbrev.) regeneration


We are an online educational hub that supports people in regenerating the mind, body & spirit.

Our collaborative educational programs and experiences inspire personal growth, community wellbeing & global awareness.

We thrive in a diverse garden.

Our community partners include:

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Ep #13 Ray Milidoni

Episode #13 Ray Milidoni – Growing Out Of The Corporate World Ray Milidoni lives in Melbourne, Australia and works for an organisation called Farming Secrets.

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Private Mindset Mentorship

We work with a small group of purpose driven professionals to help them beat overwhelm and manage time better by creating a more peaceful and calm life.


Our Mentoring Program

During this mentorship you can learn how to beat stress, manage anxiety, overcome the overwhelm of a busy life, and use your time efficiently while working in a professional career.

This 1-on-1 mentorship is an opportunity for you to grow into the person you’re supposed to be and fulfil your potential by creating space for yourself to remove any past beliefs that may have been holding you back.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to regenerate the collective mind, body and spirit of humanity.

We exist to support the healthy growth of life on earth and we do this by teaching people how to live in harmony with themselves, their communities and the natural world.

We believe that it is up to our generation to co-create a healthy, thriving future for all of life on earth.

Growth Programs

We showcase a range of collaborative and transformative educational programs to inspire personal growth, community wellbeing and global awareness.

The education provided is diverse and ranges from storytelling to food-growing to community leadership and personal growth.

Learn to lead from the heart, create positive impact in world, challenge the mainstream narrative and live your true purpose while being supported by a strong community.

The Shambhala Growing program is a 12-week food growing course that will teach you how to grow organic produce.


The change starts with you.

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