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Our collaborative educational programs and experiences inspire personal growth, community wellbeing & global awareness.

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Transformational Coaching

If you’re feeling as if there is untapped potential within you and you would like support in realising and actualising that potential then we are here to help you. 


Our Coaching Process

1. Develop Self Awareness & Identify Your Personal Belief Systems.

2. Clear Out Old Stories To Make Space For New Potentials.

3. Design An Authentic & Aligned Lifestyle.

4. Build Self Trust & Confidence.

This 1-on-1 coaching opportunity will help you grow into the person you’re destined to be by fulfilling your potential and creating space to remove any limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back.

Our Purpose

To help you move into a way of Being where you are evolving into your highest potential in a way that supports your authentic Self so that your life and the life of those around you can thrive.

Growth Programs

We showcase a range of collaborative and transformative educational programs to inspire personal growth, community wellbeing and global awareness.

The education provided is diverse and ranges from storytelling to food-growing to community leadership and self development.

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Learn to lead from the heart, create positive impact in world, challenge the mainstream narrative and live your true purpose while being supported by a strong community.

The Shambhala Growing program is a 12-week food growing course that will teach you how to grow organic produce.


The change starts with you.

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