Calling out those who are ready for a new normal.

What a time to be alive! There’s no doubt we are in extremely turbulent and challenging times as a global community and it’s going to get worse before it gets better…

I don’t know about you but I have been experiencing an array of extraordinary emotions that are fluctuating on an hourly basis. It’s been a beautiful reminder of my own fragile human self.

I had some big plans for 2020 (who didn’t have 2020 vision?) which have been sidelined and left me with feelings of uncertainty, doubt, fear and anger. There has also been a mix of a really strong sense of community, hope and opportunity.

Desire has been present as well. Day 12 without too much human interaction definitely gets the senses itching for a bit of action am I right?

Throughout all these heightened sensory experiences I sometimes catch myself in the clouds of thought reflecting on my past self and practices I used to manage stress (as if anything has ever been nearly as stressful as our current situation), generate energy, maintain clarity and align with my passions.

Meditation, exercise, hydration and healthy food are the key players. Simple huh?

Although with plans being scrapped, ideas being buried and the world hitting the brakes it’s hard to understand why one would even need to maintain a level of productivity and purpose.

I’m here to tell you (in case you needed permission) that now more than ever, you do need to take care of yourself and it’s not just to manage your stress and wellbeing during these times. It’s because we have work to do!

You can’t work well unless you take care of yourself so make sure you do what you need to to keep yourself healthy.

A new normal is going to emerge from this situation and it is our job to make sure that the new normal is going to be sustainable.

So what does this sustainable new normal look like?

For me, it looks like communities working together, individuals sharing and caring for each other, open-sourced information, compassion for all beings and respect for the land and water.

It’s humans taking on the role of custodians of our shared home here on earth.

It’s an understanding that we can’t continue on the way we were. We must forge a new path. One that involves the regeneration of the country we walk on.

We can not keep abusing the lands and oceans for the sake of profit and economic growth. It’s worked up until now but now we know we can be better.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”― Maya Angelou

These challenging times are arguably exactly what we need to wake up to ourselves, To grow up and rethink our relationships with ourselves so we can show up for each other, for the beings we share this planet with and for the planet itself.

“When in history has humanity had such a shared sense of purpose? And when have we been so aware of our fundamental interconnectedness at every level? This is a moment not to be wasted by any of us.” — Paul Atkins

I’m calling you out right now.

Will you be better and will you help your family, your friends and your community be better?