There are a lot of ways you can help to preserve this beautiful planet, but we would argue that the most important way to do that is by taking care of yourself first. Let’s be honest, if you aren’t functioning as a healthy and thriving human, then you could actually be contributing to the detriment of the environment around you, so let’s sort ourselves out first.

So, the question is – how can I regenerate the environment and myself?

We’ve got a few recommendations for you but before we get into it, the most important thing to remember is that YOU are nature. There is no separation.

1. Learn to practice self-care

We all know that to be operating at our highest or most regenerated self, we need to practice self-care. Get at least 7.5 hours of sleep a night, drink lots of water consistently throughout the day (especially in the morning to get your insides moving). If you’re not healthy, your environment can’t be healthy either – because remember, you’re part of it!

Being healthy has a compounding effect. Healthy people tend to make healthy decisions when it comes to what and how they consume. Unhealthy people tend to make poor decisions and can easily fall into overconsumption habits. It’s easy to not care about your environment when you don’t even care for yourself.

We would add meditation and exercise, although it is important to acknowledge that everyone has their different ways of doing this. 10 minutes of meditation a day and 20 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week is a good start.

2. Follow your curiosity

Ask lots of questions of the people around you and question the systems around you. Don’t let the systems beat your essence out of you. Remain curious and follow your passions. What lights you up? Go and do that.

Ask yourself questions like: “What is the world asking of me today?”, “How can I serve my relationships?”, “How can I be a worthy ancestor?”

3. Look at your information ecology

We take a lot of information around us as fact when actually a lot of the information we are fed is not fact so think about where you get your information. 

You could call this your information ecology, it’s the information you are surrounded by, you could also call this your information environment.

You can choose where you are receiving information so make sure to be vigilant with what is piercing through into your consciousness.

4. Stay true to yourself

self care environment

The world needs more people living in their authenticity. Question who you truly are and figure out what you care about and value. Then spend time doing those things. The Reunion Rise Up Program is a great place to uncover these truths. Always practice your communication skills and be intentional when you engage in conversations so that you can express your truth.

5. Seek out indigenous knowledge

Our ancestors have lived with the lands for thousands of years and although we are now living in the modern world, there are valuable lessons to be learned from the past. 

Where do you start with this one? Easy! Learn about your own family history. It’s very valuable to know your own lineage and then own that as your own story. It’s a part of you, whether you like it or not. Question your parents and grandparents, dig deep and see what you can learn.

6. Learn to listen

We are living through an amazing moment in time and right now we have an opportunity to slow down and practice deep listening.

  • Listen to yourself, what do you need to keep your cup full?
  • Listen to nature, what is she asking for?

Reflect and answer these questions. Then share your truth with the world.