Fed up with the mainstream narrative and want to write a new story?

The Activated Human program is an 8-week journey to help you step into a new way of life while being supported by a growing community of like-minded individuals.

Are you tired of living in a system that goes against your morals and values?

Do you want to discover a more peaceful and purposeful life?

Are you wanting to show up and contribute to the world in a healthy way?

If you're on this page it's because, like us, you are concerned for our future and the future we are leaving the next generations.

You're tired of apathy and the destructive behaviours our system is built on and you want to live a more creative and passionate life.

We want to help you gain confidence in your ability to move past overwhelm and mobilise change quickly in areas of your life that are realistic so that you don't feel the weight of the whole world on your shoulders.

During the Activated Human program you will have an opportunity to experience breakthrough realisations that will catapult you into a new dimension of your life here on earth.

You'll receive unique guided meditations to help you connect deeply with yourself and be counselled by a supportive community of like-minded individuals. You'll participate in group zoom calls which past students have described as "a warm group hug".

Together we will discover what inspires you and bridge the gap between how you can turn that inspiration into meaningful work and a purposeful life.

This program requires your commitment over the 8 weeks. We have found that the students who fully commit to this are the ones who have 'breakthrough experiences'.

We are creating a new narrative that focusses on the co-creative powers of humanity, that is in harmony with natural systems and we envision a regenerative human culture that contributes to our environments as opposed to using them as a resource.

Learn more about the Activated Human program and how exactly we can help you below.


Connect with your heart and discover unity. Support and nurture yourself to move from heart-centred action.


Learn meditations, tools
and techniques to uncover your
beliefs, values and ancestral lineage which will help you discover your unique gift.


Take action on where you are the most powerful and start to see your impact immediately.

Thank you ! It was truly a divine experience, and has opened all types of doors, windows and secret passage-ways to explore.

The Activated Human Program is a profoundly transformational and empowering investment into yourself, and resultantly a gift that you can give to your wider community and natural environment.

– Alex Fleming

Activate personal transformation by learning to manage negative thought patterns.


Uncover and create transformation from the comfort of your own home and bring a shift into your life more easily.


Our community connects you with heart driven and purposeful people just like you. Feel supported and aligned and move forward with a tribe behind you.



Past students feel more connected with the world, feel more at peace, see their path clearly and take action on what they want. This is our greatest joy for you.

Learn about:


Positive Impact

Emotional Resilience


Self Awareness

Authentic Communication


Earth Cycles

Change Making

“Now, I see the world through this new lens – the Activated Human lens.

The world looks very different. It’s effortless for me to be connected with the plan… It feels like I’ve become one with the world.

I feel so connected with other leaders.
It’s very much about taking actions on things that I always knew I needed to do.”

– Ray Milidoni

Gain clarity into your purpose and move toward a fulfilling life.

The Weekly Potentials

1. Understand Your Story

Learn how to  understand your story and begin healing generational trauma
by bringing old stories to the
surface. Develop a steady foundation for the growth while deepening your understanding of your family history, ancestral lineage and place in it all.

2. Listen Deeply

Learn how to practice stillness and
listening. When you slow down and learn to listen, you open yourself to a plethora of new lessons and teachings that you may have missed before because of your frantic and busy mind. Slow down.

Deep bow to Aunty Miriam-Rose for offering us Dadirri: A practice of Deep Listening

3. Be Proactive

Look at your own life and personal
habits. Then begin to understand where there are opportunities for you to make change and start to take action.

4. Rest & Regenerate

Experience the importance of rest for a healthy life. We acknowledge rest as a form of self regeneration. By taking care of yourself, you’re in a better position to take care of others.

5. Go Cosmic

Acknowledge your place in the universe as a conscious being and recognise your ability to have an impact on your own reality through beliefs, thoughts and actions. This week we take ownership to improve the quality of our life.

6. Fit For Service

Learn about co-creation and practice co-operation. Get support in feeling comfortable to create a simple project that is lead from the heart.

7. The Activated Paradigm

Experience the art of embodiment by practicing affirmations and adopting tools for embodying your true power and the power that supports life. Feel more aligned and in harmony with nature.

8. Activate Your Story

The final week – look over what you’ve learnt and the process you’ve experienced to identify your own unique strengths and values to create a clear path forward, out of the program, and into the future. 

This program is designed to empower us into our future. It is our intention that upon completion of the program you will discover a truly meaningful and purposeful life.

Why I created this program.

Hey, I'm Josh and I developed this program for you with sacred guidance and real life experience exploring the depths of myself.

If you’re like me you know that ‘success’ isn’t about money or fame. It’s about staying true to your values and having the courage to pursue your wildest dreams.

It’s about alchemizing your ultimate visions into reality. If you can do this and stay in alignment with yourself, remain kind to others and have the courage to face your limiting beliefs, you will experience what I call ‘true success’.

When you build the confidence to go after these things and overcome your fears you will realise that you really can call in whatever you want in life.

I would call myself a rebel with a cause, i’ve founded/co-founded multiple businesses and am a meditation teacher with 10 years experience cultivating mindfulness, inner peace, harmony, and a purposeful existence.

I’ve had my doubts along the way, experienced anxious and depressive periods although I always keep moving through them…. knowing I have the power in me to break through those limiting beliefs.

I believe it is up to our generation to ensure a safe, healthy, and thriving future for life on earth and my purpose in life is “to support the growth and evolution of life on earth”.

The Activated Human program is a portal for people who are ready to step into their true power and live in service to life.

Hear what the Activated Humans have to say about the program.

“The Activated Human program could not have come along at a better time! The weekly sessions were like a warm group hug!

There was a combination of lightbulb moments, laughs, learning, contemplation and reflection

– Greer Boase

“The Activated Human program helped me understand my story and smash those limiting beliefs. Josh equipped us with tools to find what gives us energy and take action on creating our dream life. Loved the self-activation guide and the best part is the weekly calls where we laugh, share, discuss uncomfortable stuff, and empower each other.”

– Ayush Jain

“If I had done this 2 years ago I would
have been where I am now so much sooner because I would have had all the people and tools and help in front of me to start straight away. Surrounding myself with people that support me in this program is the most
important thing I’ve ever done.”

-Jess Pritchard


Spring Equinox - September 21st 2021


September 17th 2021


You can choose which option suits you best for where you're at.
Once you've made the investment we will email you the next steps.

$555 incl GST


Access To:

8-week online program

8x weekly group zoom check in calls

Workbook, downloads & resources

Lifetime access to Activated Human community

$999 incl GST


Access To:

8-week online program

8x weekly group zoom check in calls

Workbook, downloads & resources

Lifetime access to Activated Human community

+ 4x 30 min personal mentoring calls with Josh

Let's create a new story and call in a positive vision for the future.

The information contained in the activated human program has the power to change lives.

Activate your full potential and create real positive impact with a strong community by your side.