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Welcome, first of all let us explain to you the many benefits of meditation.

There are endless studies revealing the proven benefits of meditation for both mental and physical health.

These include, and are not limited to:
- A calmer, more stable and focused mind.
- Improved sleep quality.
- Reduced stress and tension.
- Enhanced self-awareness and improved self-confidence.
- Increased feelings of love and gratitude.
- Decreased levels of anxiety, depression and pain.
- Enhanced emotional stability.
- Increased self-image, motivation and inspiration.
- Physical health benefits such as decreased blood pressure, improved immune health and reduced inflammation.

The list goes on and one thing is for certain, a consistent meditation practice will improve your overall physical, mental and emotional health.

Now let's get into a more scientific explanation about how meditation can help you.

Todays society is built around systems that encourage an overactive reticular activating system (RAS).

The RAS is our bodies built in threat detection system and it helps us perceive threats.

We see the world through our RAS and in our current society, most of the perceived threats aren't really that threatening.

When we have an overactive RAS we are less able to maintain healthy wellbeing because we are wasting too much energy on stress and worry.

So how do we manage our overactive RAS?

We need to learn how to activate our parasympathetic nervous system (PANS). Our PANS is the system that supports our rest and digest mode of being. It puts us into a state of calm and stillness so we can make more rational decisions.

We can activate this through the practice of meditation and breath work and if we learn to do this effectively, we can consistently lower our cortisol (stress) levels, lower our brain-waves and lower our heart-rate.

We know it can be hard to stay consistent with a practice like meditation though so we have developed this mentoring program to work with you so you can learn to manage negative thought patterns like overthinking, self-anger, worry and stress

If you're like us you want to experience the magic of life.

You want to experience feelings of connection, self-confidence, happiness and freedom.

Good news! We can help with that.

Our private meditation mentoring program is developed with YOU as the strategy!

We work with you through an initial consultation to identify what is going to work for you, what your specific needs are and if we can help you.

Once we've had our initial consultation we can start to develop a strategy for you so you can learn to access higher brain frequencies which will help you access your unique genius!

If this is something you want support with then book a complimentary 30-minute consultation so we can explore our resonance and decide if we want to open up a mentoring relationship.

Josh really has the ability to listen. When you share to someone who listens, that’s already a therapy. Not to mention Josh has the authentic capability in guided meditation through his lightness and openess.
He is a great promoter and teacher of meditation who helps you connect better with your inner and wiser self.
He provided me some short meditations and in those sessions, I had clearer thoughts coming through me of what I truly should do at that moment.
Meditation works for everyone, and Josh has the nuanced meditation experience that can guide you through the situation you’re at.

– Thao NG

Activate clarity and peace in your personal life now.

If you’ve been feeling uninspired, unmotivated, lost, stuck or low, and disconnected from bliss, joy, fulfillment and love, we got you!

This 1-on-1 mentorship is an opportunity for you to grow into the person you're supposed to be and fulfill your potential by creating space for yourself and removing any beliefs that have been holding you back.

As a meditation mentor, I specialise in holding space for you to reflect on limiting beliefs so that you can become aware of those things and be held accountable to a higher standard of living.

I work with clients to connect mind, body and spirit because I know these things are interconnected and when we bring awareness to the health of each of these, we support them in working harmoniously for us.

Our work together will include weekly reflections, meditation and mindfulness practices, sensory techniques to connect you with your mind, body and spirit in a deep way and ground-level action-taking to make your dreams a reality.

The process I use are scientifically proven and I guarantee that if you put in the work you will see life-changing results. Clients I work with describe feelings of deep gratitude, timelessness, inner peace and strong emotional connection after our calls.

These are the benefits of working 1-on-1 which are harder to achieve when you simply practice alone or listen to recorded guided meditations. Although those practices are extremely beneficial, you'll be able to drop deeper with a personal guide and someone who is able to provide reflections for you.

“Josh has an amazing ability to really listen to what I’m after and deliver a guided meditation to get me through the thoughts and patterns in my head.

With so much going on in the world it’s very easy to fall into bad patterns and habits, so reaching out to Josh and doing work together has always been something that leaves me feeling empowered and positive.

I enjoy Josh’s style of guided meditations and facilitation as they come from a space that feels genuine and in tune with the world that I want to live in.

Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed and just unsure of what to work on next I often reach out to Josh for some support and clarity to get me moving forward.”


– Ray Milidoni

Learn how to overcome stress, uncertainty and overwhelm today.

As a bonus:
You'll get access to the Activated Human & Harmony programs (combined value of $999 AUD) that include guided meditations, workbooks and other resources to accelerate your growth.

Meet Josh Holliday - Your Mentor

Hey, I'm Josh and after more than a decade of my own meditation practice and doing my own inner work I've realised what works and what doesn't.

I’ve explored the depths of myself through various meditation and modalities and now I want to share what works to help others who are on the journey.

If you’re like me you know that ‘success’ isn’t only about money or status.

It’s also about staying true to your values, having the courage to pursue your wildest dreams and living in a healthy way.

It’s about alchemizing your ultimate visions into reality. If you can do this and stay in alignment with yourself, remain kind to others and have the courage to face your limiting beliefs, you will experience what I call ‘true success’.

When you build the confidence to go after these things and overcome your fears you will realise that you really can call in whatever you want in life.

I would call myself a rebel with a cause, i’ve founded/co-founded multiple businesses and am a meditation teacher with 10 years experience cultivating mindfulness, inner peace, harmony, and a purposeful existence.

I’ve had my doubts along the way, experienced anxious and depressive periods although I always keep moving through them…. knowing I have the power in me to break through those limiting beliefs

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I want to work with people who are ready to commit to long-term positive change and who are ready to live into an inspired life where you are actively working towards your dreams of becoming a healthier version of yourself. Our realities are created by our thoughts and actions and the people I work with know that and want to embody that.

It’s up to you to show up for the sessions and it’s primarily your investment of time to create that change.

It’s your choice to show up and be honest with yourself, and me, about where you’re at and where you want to go.

I can guide you, mentor you, show you tools and techniques to activate change in your life although ultimately you are the one who will need to embody the lessons and do the work.

Please note > Each mentoring program is bespoke and tailored to the individual.

Once we jump on an initial consultation to discover if we have resonance and once we’ve decided if it’s a good match we can arrange to set up a mentoring agreement that works for you and meets you where you’re at.

If you are ready to take the first step on a life-changing journey then book a call through the button below.

The information contained in our mentoring programs has the power to change your life.

Book an initial consultation today and explore if private meditation mentoring is for you.